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June Newsletter

Father's Day fun with your fave parenting tool

Whether you're gearing up for the final examinations, or shifting into warmer weather mode, one thing's for sure- June is set to be a busy month!
The team at Malta Baby & Kids Directory are putting the final touches on our 12th publication- a dozen years of helping parents make the right choices for their children feels amazing!
Swotting can be a drag, and the temptation to ditch the revision in favour of fresh air can be overwhelming. As always, with kids, consistency is key. Work out a study roster and schedule in study breaks for local outings.
Fathers play a vital role in the shaping of their children's morals, manners and priorities. Celebrate your dad's commitment as a provider, and your partner's invaluable contribution to your sanity, by giving them time to indulge in their hobbies, away from the pressure of the home front.



Showcase your kid's talent at our book launch


Send us a video

Two lucky fans of our Malta Baby & Kids community will be asked to showcase their talent during our book launch party!
To particpate simply 'Like' & 'Share' our Facebook post, and send in a short clip of your child's demo on info@maltababyandkids.com.
Two lucky winners will be chosen to perform in front of our guests on 28th of June from 5-7pm at Malta National Aquarium.



Having to stay indoors and encourage your kids to swot for their final examinations, especially at a time when the weather beckons us outdoors to play, seems like a particularly cruel form of torture designed to turn us 'rents into raving loonies. Check out our team's tip's for staying sane in the run-up to end of term.



A dozen years of being the essential reference

Don't miss out- Pre-Order

Have a handy hard copy of The Malta Baby & Kids Directory and discover why this has been the only printed parenting directory for the past twelve years.
Buy yourself (or a friend!) a hard copy of the essential book for parents in Malta & Gozo before 15th June, and take advantage of our great introductory price of €5!
All those who pre-order their copy online will also get invited to our fun book launch event, animated by Party Planit!




Congratulations Julie Anne Christie, whose correct answer to our May competition has won her a month's worth of guitar lessons for herself and her child!



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Pageant of the seas Artisan Night Market
Wacky races take to the Grand Harbour on the first public holiday of the month- with laughs guaranteed for both participants & onlookers!


Piazza Paolina will host this year's first evening Malta Artsan Market with sundowners & band clubs for one & all!


Argotti Gardens hosts this traditional folklore sining and music festival celebrating cultural heritage with inpromptu ballads.



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June monthly competition
A very social community

Send in the correct answer to this month's teaser, and you could win a Heritage Malta Family Multisite Pass!

Which edition of The Malta Baby & Kids Directory is about to be launched?

Send in your answers through our contact form, before the 27th June deadline.



We love hearing your thoughts on our Malta Baby & Kids Directory- online, in print and on Facebook.

Send us your suggestions on what you would like to see more of, and we will do our best to accomodate you!

Don't forget to look out for our relevant monthly article in the 'Social' pages of The Sunday Times of Malta!


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