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February Newsletter

Is this the end of mid-yearly examinations?
Dear valued member of The Malta Baby & Kids community,
To many long-suffering parents the timely news that mid- yearly examinations will soon be a thing of the past has been tooted as a breakthrough. A step in the right direction towards moving away from conventional curriculum goal based learning, many of us wait with bated breath to see whether where state schools go, church & private schools soon follow suit. Happy news indeed to those parents stuck inside swotting with their offspring over the next few weeks! Worse still, when mid-term break is swiftly followed by a fortnight of examinations- thus putting to bed any illusion you may have had of getting away from it all(or taking it all with you).
Luckily carnival makes an appearance at this dreary time of year. With the grown-ups' budget recovering sufficiently to shell out on flamboyant costumes- the float parades and musical mayhem of our capital city goes a long way towards alleviating the humdrum of our daily lives.
Be sure to ward off those winter nasties by giving the kids lots of immune boosting super foods (eggs in any form) and stocking up on multivitamins (plus manuka honey on brekkie) and natural remedies (echinachea should become your bff). Stay safe to sail through flu season.


Rediscover romance on this Valentine's Day


Love is in the air!

Belonging to the parenthood club does not necessarily mean the death of romance, although, unfortunately coupledom does tend to take a back seat once the offspring come along.

Take advantage of Cupid's feast to make the effort by organising something special for your partner. It is sure to make them feel the love!



Congratulations to Karmenu Vella, whose correct entry in our January competition has won himself a portable Playmobil set, worth €25! Why not try your luck in this month's competition with a family cinema voucher to Eden Cinema prize to be won?



Prepare for The King of Carnival's appearance

Any excuse to act silly
Malta’s carnival enthusiasts will most certainly shine with the European Capital of Culture as their backdrop. Wrap up warmly and take the extended family for a feast of the senses which is sure to leave you with a renewed feeling of happiness. Indulge the kids' dress up fantasies and join in the fun by having a go at face painting or gearing up in silly onesies. Don't miss the Grand Finale where fantastical floats parade down Floriana’s main drag- culminating in an appearance by the King himself!


Feeling frustrated as you try to explain to your children, for the umpteenth time, the importance of study in their academic lives? Us too! Plan ahead and be realistic as to the attention span of your kids (& hubby!) with tackling revision study lists. Dangling a 'carrot’ often works to incentivise the troops- like a trip to the Marsascala family park for an inpromptu game of basketball once the daily goals have been achieved. Try new ways of learning- watch the recommended video clips, play the interactive CDs and get your child to write the most important points in different colours on a whiteboard. Then end each session with a pop quiz to check whose memory serves them best- wrinklies vs rugrats.



cooking.jpg open-day.jpg park.jpg
Cooking with kids
Temples Open Day
Military History

This popular cookery session has become a monthly staple so get stuck in without having to clean up your kitchen!


Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to visit these two UNESCO World Heritage sites for free during this month's public holiday.


Majjistral Park will be delving into its British Military History and showcasing re-enactments and weapons display.



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February monthly competition
Social Media besties

Enter our February competition today and you could be taking the family out for a trip to Eden Cinema!

question.gifWhat annual competition does Malta Baby & Kids Directory hold to determine the next publication's cover design?

Send in the correct answer to the question above through our contact form before the 21st February deadline.

Good luck bagging yourself an Eden Cinema Family Pack worth €18!


In addition to our website, which we know for a fact that many of you check up on a regular basis, Malta Baby & Kids Directory loves keeping in touch with its Facebook fanbase.

Always happy to hear your feedback and suggestions as to what you think parents need to know, our social media community is growing ever larger as the number of annual births locally shows no sign of waning!

We welcome also the record number of expats settling on our shores and feel certain that they will find our parenting guide invaluable when settling in to the local way of life.


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