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The bane of every parent's existence(and, let's face it, this task generally falls on the mother)  is back- with Autumn heralding in the daily prepping of school lunches.
But how to avoid the drudgery of repeating the same sandwich fillings and avoid the boredom that ensues when we cannot even face making these meals by rota- let alone expecting our kids to eat them?
Fill  the water beaker almost to the top, or empty a little out of small plastic bottled water, and pop them into the freezer. This can easily be done the night before- in fact, the key to getting organised is preparation- so that very little remains to be done on the actual school morning itself. Don't get caught up in the mad rush of trying to toast bread for your children's lunchbox while the school van driver is honking his horn downstairs and little Timmy cannot find his tie! The next morning, just take the water, which you would have prepared earlier, out of the freezer and pop it into a freezer bag- so that when it starts to melt it will not leak all over the school books. In this way you not only have a refereshing drink for the kids lunch, but the contents of the lunchbox also remain fresh.
Sandwiches are a no brainer- but by varying the type of bread which you use and the sandwich fillings you can turn this chore into a satisfying diverse range of healthy meals. Bagels are readily available from the convenience store, and can be ordered in advance, so that once you cut them in half lengthways they freeze beautifully when individually packed. Simply spread on the Philadelphia and smoked salmon, for sophisticated tastebuds; or peanut butter and jam for the less adventurous. Once break time rolls around, these would have thawed beautifully, thus tasting soft and fresh. Try also tramezzini, mini wraps, soft bread rolls and baps filled with homemade bigilla, hummous, tuna & mayo or tomato paste.
Here are our pick of the best schhol lunch idea's, and where to buy them from:


sweet seedless grapes Lidl
pepperami fridge section of supermarket
pre-packed cubes of cheese fridge section of large supermarkets
mini grissini  Arcadia's Waitrose section
dried apricots health food shop
boxes of raisins Marks & Spencer; baby section of supermarkets

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