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Attard Local Council

Address: 6, Triq il-Kbira
Locality: H' Attard
Tel: 2141 1111
Email: attard.lc@gov.mt

Balzan Local Council

Address: 153, Triq il-Kbira
Locality: Balzan
Tel: 2144 2323
Web: www.lc.gov.mt
Email: balzan.lc@gov.mt

Birgu Local Council

Address: Couvre Port
Locality: Birgu
Tel: 2166 2166
Web: www.birgu.gov.mt
Email: birgu.lc@gov.mt
Routes 2, 3, 4, 124, 213

Birkirkara Local Council

Address: Centru Civiku, It-Tieni Sular,
30, Triq Tumas Fenech
Locality: Birkirkara
Tel: 2144 2626
Email: birkirkara.lc@gov.mt

Birżebbuġa Local Council

Address: Dar Birżebbuġa,
Triq Santa Marija
Locality: Birżebbuġa
Tel: 2165 0165
Email: birzebbuga.lc@gov.mt

Bormla Local Council

Address: The Rest, 2A,
Misraħ Santa Margerita
Locality: Birgu
Tel: 2166 3030
Email: bormla.lc@gov.mt

Dingli Local Council

Address: Ċentru tal-Komunità,
13, Daħla tas-Sienja
Locality: Dingli
Tel: 2145 6060
Email: dingli.lc@gov.mt
Organises activities involving arts and crafts.

Fgura Local Council

Address: Dar il-Kunsill, 68,
Triq il-Karmnu,
Locality: Il-Fgura
Tel: 2166 4000
Email: fgura.lc@gov.mt

Floriana Local Council

Address: 15,
Pjazza Emanuel S Tonna,
Locality: Il-Furjana
Tel: 2123 5523
Email: floriana.lc@gov.mt

Fontana Local Council

Address: Civic Centre,
Triq ta' Mulejja,
Locality: Fontana, Gozo
Tel: 2155 8877
Email: fontana.lc@gov.mt

Gzira Local Council

Address: 283/1,
Triq Rue D'Argens,
Locality: Il-Gżira
Tel: 2134 1034
Email: gzira.lc@gov.mt

Għajnsielem Local Council

Address: Calypso Court Flat 3
Triq Għajnsielem,
Locality: Għajnsielem, Gozo
Tel: 2156 1515
Email: ghajnsielem.lc@gov.mt

Għarb Local Council

Triq il-Vizitazzjoni
Locality: Għarb,Gozo
Tel: 2156 0556
Email: gharb.lc@gov.mt

Għargħur Local Council

Address: Triq San Nikola,
Locality: Ħal-Għargħur
Tel: 2741 4111
Mob: 7941 4111
Web: www.gharghur.gov.mt
Email: gharghur.lc@gov.mt

Għasri Local Council

Address: 6,
Triq Dun Karm Caruana,
Locality: Għasri, Gozo
Tel: 2155 8686
Email: ghasri.lc@gov.mt

Għaxaq Local Council

Address: 15,
Vjal il-Labour
Locality: Għaxaq
Tel: 2166 4888
Email: ghaxaq.lc@gov.mt

Iklin Local Council

Address: 11, Three Villages,
Trejqet ir-Rumanzieri,
Locality: L-Iklin
Tel: 2141 6741
Web: www.iklin.lc.gov.mt
Email: iklin.lc@gov.mt

Il-Gudja Local Council

Address: 88,
Triq Raymond Caruana,
Locality: Il-Gudja
Tel: 2167 2020
Email: gudja.lc@gov.mt

Isla Local Council

Address: 2,
Triq San Ġużepp,
Locality: Isla
Tel: 2166 2424
Email: isla.lc@gov.mt
Courses in crafts and computer skills for kids.

Kalkara Local Council

Address: 1/2, Binja tas-Salvatur,
Triq Luigi Pisani,
Locality: Kalkara
Tel: 2166 5500
Email: kalkara.lc@gov.mt

Kercem Local Council

Address: 64,
Pjazza Orvieto,
Locality: Kercem, Gozo
Tel: 2156 3666
Email: kercem.lc@gov.mt
Organises festivals for children.

Lija Local Council

Address: 27,
Triq Robert Mifsud Bonnici,
Locality: Hal Lija
Tel: 2141 6111
Email: lija.lc@gov.mt

Luqa Local Council

Address: 49,
Triq San Pawl,
Locality: Hal Luqa
Tel: 2166 5533
Email: luqa.lc@gov.mt

Marsa Local Council

Address: 173,
Triq Balbi,
Locality: Il-Marsa
Tel: 2122 0522
Email: marsa.lc@gov.mt

Marsaskala Local Council

Address: 228,
Triq is-Salini,
Locality: Marsaskala
Tel: 2163 7171
Web: www.marsaskala-malta.com
Email: marsaskala.lc@gov.mt
lori amended Marsaskala instead of marsascala 09/06/16

Marsaxlokk Local Council

Address: 2,
Triq Vittorio Cassar,
Locality: Marsaxlokk
Tel: 2165 2525
Email: marsaxlokk.lc@gov.mt

Mdina Local Council

Address: Corto Capitanale,
Misraħ il-Kunsill,
Locality: L-Imdina
Tel: 2145 0707 / 2145 1226
Email: mdina.lc@gov.mt

Mellieha Local Council

Address: 126,
Triq il-Mitħna l-Ġdida,
Locality: Mellieħa
Tel: 2152 1333
Web: www.mellieha.gov.mt
Email: mellieha.lc@gov.mt

Mgarr Local Council

Address: 22,
Triq Sir Harry Luke,
Locality: Mġarr
Tel: 2152 0011 / 2752 001
Web: www.mgarr.gov.mt
Email: mgarr.lc@gov.mt

Mosta Local Council

Address: Ċentru Ċiviku,
Triq il-Kostituzzjoni,
Locality: Il-Mosta
Tel: 2141 6841
Email: mosta.lc@gov.mt

Mqabba Local Council

Address: 29,
Triq il-Parroċċa,
Locality: Mqabba
Tel: 2168 0622 / 2101 304
Web: www.mqabba.gov.mt
Email: mqabba.lc@gov.mt

Msida Local Council

Address: Pjazza Menqa,
Locality: L-Imsida
Tel: 2133 4343
Web: www.msidalocalcouncil.com
Email: msida.lc@gov.mt

Mtarfa Local Council

Address: Town Centre,
Triq ir-Reġimenti Maltin,
Locality: Mtarfa
Tel: 2145 1145
Web: www.mtarfa.gov.mt
Email: mtarfa.lc@gov.mt

Naxxar Local Council

Address: Ċentru Ċiviku,
Vjal il-Wieħed u Għoxrin ta' Settembru,
Locality: Naxxar
Tel: 2141 6341 / 2141 7224
Web: www.naxxar.com
Email: naxxar.lc@gov.mt
After school sports from 5 yrs plus.

Paola Local Council

Address: Casa Paola, Gnien Pawlu Boffa,
Triq il-Knisja,
Locality: Paola
Tel: 2166 4066
Email: paola.lc@gov.mt

Pieta Local Council

Address: 11, Il-Pelikan,
Triq K Mifsud,
Locality: Tal-Pietà
Tel: 2124 0404
Email: pieta.lc@gov.mt

Qala Local Council

Address: Ċentru Ċiviku Qala,
Triq l-Isqof Mikiel Buttiġieġ,
Locality: Qala, Gozo
Tel: 2155 2555
Email: qala.lc@gov.mt

Qormi Local Council

Address: 392,
Triq il-Vitorja,
Locality: Hal Qormi
Tel: 2144 0101
Email: qormi.lc@gov.mt

Qrendi Local Council

Address: 7,
Triq il-Knisja,
Locality: Qrendi
Tel: 2168 0404
Email: qrendi.lc@gov.mt

Rabat Gozo Local Council

Address: Banca Giuratale,
Pjazza Indipendenza,
Locality: Victoria, Gozo
Tel: 2156 3344 / 8007 5555
Web: www.victoria.org.mt
Email: rabat.gozo.lc@gov.mt

Rabat Malta Local Council

Address: 8,
Triq L-Isptar,
Locality: Rabat, Malta
Tel: 2145 5000
Email: rabat.malta.lc@gov.mt

Safi Local Council

Address: 40, Dar il-Kunsill,
Triq l-Iskola,
Locality: Safi
Tel: 2168 9168
Email: safi.lc@gov.mt

San Gwann Local Council

Address: 55,
Triq R Caruana Dingli,
Locality: San Gwann
Tel: 2137 3777
Email: sangwann.lc@gov.mt

San Lawrenz Local Council

Address: 22A,
Triq id-Duluri,
Locality: San Lawrenz, Gozo
Tel: 2156 3556
Email: sanlawrenz.lc@gov.mt

San Pawl il-Bahar Local Council

Triq San Pawl,
Locality: San Pawl il-Bahar,
Tel: 2158 5888
Email: sanpawlil-bahar.lc@gov.mt

San Ġiljan Local Council

Triq Forrest
Locality: St Julian's
Tel: 2137 3111
Email: sangiljan.lc@gov.mt

Sannat Local Council

Triq Sannat,
Locality: Sannat, Gozo
Tel: 2155 4747
Email: sannat.lc@gov.mt

Santa Lucia Local Council

Trejqet il-Ġirasol,Binja tal-Faqqani,
Locality: Santa Lucia
Tel: 2166 6600
Email: santalucia.lc@gov.mt

Santa Venera Local Council

Triq il-Kbira San Ġużepp,
Locality: Santa Venera
Tel: 2149 1030
Email: santavenera.lc@gov.mt

Siggiewi Local Council

Address: 20,
Pjazza San Nikola,
Locality: Is-Siġġiewi
Tel: 2146 6000
Email: siggiewi.lc@gov.mt

Sliema Local Council

Triq Depiro,
Locality: Tas-Sliema
Tel: 2133 7633
Email: sliema.lc@gov.mt

Swieqi Local Council

Address: Civic Centre,
Triq G. Bessiera
Locality: Swieqi
Tel: 2137 3939
Email: swieiq.lc@gov.mt

Ta' Xbiex Local Council

Address: 14,Highrise Apartments,
Triq Imradd,
Locality: Ta' Xbiex
Tel: 2123 8844
Email: taxbiex.lc@gov.mt

Tarxien Local Council

Address: 73,
Triq Sta Maria,
Locality: Hal Tarxien
Tel: 2166 6688
Email: tarxien.lc@gov.mt

Valletta Local Council

Address: 31,
Triq Nofs In-Nhar,
Locality: Il-Belt Valletta
Tel: 2123 4141 / 2125 1396
Email: valletta.lc@gov.mt

Xaghra Local Council

Vjal 8 ta' Settembru,
Locality: Xaghra
Tel: 2156 3737
Email: xaghra.lc@gov.mt

Xghajra Local Council

Address: Delle Grazie Battery,
Triq Dwardu Ellul,
Locality: Xaghjra
Tel: 2169 3269
Web: www.xghajra.gov.mt
Email: xghajra.lc@gov.mt

Zabbar Local Council

Address: Ċentru Ċiviku,
Triq iċ-Ċawsli,
Locality: Ħaż-Żabbar
Tel: 2166 4466
Email: zabbar.lc@gov.mt

Zebbug Gozo Local Council

Address: Triq il-Knisja,
Locality: Gozo
Tel: 2156 3056
Email: zebbug.gozo.lc@gov.mt

Zebbug Malta Local Council

Address: 94,
Triq Frans Sammut
Locality: Ħaż-Żebbuġ
Tel: 2146 8181
Email: zebbug.malta.lc@gov.mt

Zejtun Local Council

Address: 28,
Triq Sant'Anġlu
Locality: Zejtun
Tel: 2166 3866
Mob: 7966 3866
Email: zejtun.lc@gov.mt

Zurrieq Local Council

Address: 4,
Triq Pietru Pawl Saydon
Locality: I?-?urrieq
Tel: 2168 9111
Email: zurrieq.lc@gov.mt

Ħal Kirkop Local Council

Address: 31,
Triq San Benedittu,
Locality: Ħal Kirkop
Tel: 2168 0099
Email: kirkop.lc@gov.mt
Offers computer courses.

Ħamrun Local Council

Address: 683A,
Triq il-Kbira San Ġużepp,
Locality: Ħamrun
Tel: 2122 2020
Email: hamrun.lc@gov.mt
The local council organises summer computer courses.

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