New Harvard study mentions 5 good parenting skills

 Check out the basic essentials uncovered by a recent Harvard study which will help you to raise happier, well rounded human beings!

 5 Things Parents Who Raise ‘Good’ Kids Do:

1. Spend time with your children.

Work to develop caring, loving relationships with your kids. Children learn caring and respect by modelling behaviour of those closest to them. 

Regular time together with meaningful conversation will help the next generation connect with their feelings.


2. Show your child that you care.

Consider taking your children along with you to volunteer your services to those less fortunate.

Be honest when admitting that you acted in a manner unbecoming of a role model parent, which will show humility.

Check-in with others what they think of your parenting methods and accept advice from parents whom you admire. 

Schedule in time to take care of yourself by finding time to do what you enjoy- whether it is an exercise class or tea with a friend to destress.



 3. Show your child how to solve problems. 

Encourage kids not to give up without first having tried to work out the problems and issues which they are having with the various aspects of their life. By making caring for others a priority and setting high ethical expectations you will nurture empathy and turn them into people persons.


4. Teach your children to be grateful daily.

Prioritise kindness towards others in your life, to show your kids the importance of happiness gained from helping others. Show your children by example how to be good community members by giving back to those less fortunate than themselves. By giving your kids real responsibilities like assisting in household chores and helping out with younger siblings, they can start to view their contribution as part of everyday life. Make caring and justice a focus by having conversations about current affairs, especially in areas of life which affect the children's wellbeing. Expressing thanks for what we are grateful for, and the people who help us in our lives, will open the children's mind up to appreciate what they have been born into.

5. Expose your child to different cultures.

Although many children feel close to their inner circle of friends and family, the challenge is to foster a connection with the world around them. Encourage them to lend a hand to other children in their school who may be having trouble integrating, by showing them around and including them in the breaktime games. Show concern for children in war zones and refugees by asking your children to pass on some of the toys and clothes which they have grown out of.

By really listening to your children you will show them the importance of guaging the mood of a group of people, and thinking before speaking.

Think of time spent with your kids as laying the foundation of a better humanity today!

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