Get up to speed with the studies

 Children of any age like to feel as though they are involved in the decision making procress taking place in family life- especially if it concerns them! Ask for the log-ins to your children's on-line homework diaries and resources, so that you can keep tabs on whether they are staying on top of homework and which assesments are coming up in the following weeks.

Most kids love timetables so let them design one colour coded chart with a daily planner of one hour study time making sure to include each of the subjects which are on their curriculum over the course of the week. This should be over and above their homework, which most schools are making an effort, in light of recent directives issued by the Department of Education, to stick to an average of not more than one hour a day. If you have a smart speaker your offspring will love to set the timer for an hour although, hopefully, they will not keep bombaring it with questions as to how much time is left to go!

A little encouragement goes a long way when trying to motivate a reluctant pubescent. Perhaps, to you, the idea of sitting in front of the computer trawling through tutorials does not look like the traditional idea of studying, but it's important to remember that everyone has different methods for training their memory. Finding ways of making the subject fun will ensure that they stick with it and start to reap the benefits of time well spent.

Once the study and homework period is over, reward them by having a friend over to play video games with, or accepting an invitation from their best friend's mother offering to take them along to the cinema with them. The message should be that if they do what you need to do, then they may enjoy more time doing what they want to do. Try to make an effort to leave the last hour of the weekday for fun family bonding time- many father's only get home by early evening and appreciate that the bedtime entertainment is geared up to include them- board games, hide-and-seek in the dark or card games are all favourites in our home.

Take a deep breath and remember that, although in most households it is the mother who steers the ship, letting go and allowing the kids to make their own mistakes is also part of the process. You can agree on a mutually acceptable consequence if your child regularly does not live up to their side of the acadamia bargain- for example no access to internet on days when they get a missing or incomplete homework report and no outings on days when they receive a negative report from school. On the flip side, you may also offer any outing of their choice for positive feedback from school, as well as extra PlayStation allowance for improvement on grades. Bon chance!


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