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 This month we turn the spotlight on Lorinda Mamo, creator of a Bird with a French Fry, to find out her thoughts on parenting in Malta.



What are the positive aspects of bringing up children in Malta?

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. As I look back, I see several differences in educational, cultural, economic and social aspects of raising a child. Although it was a different time, the basic fundamental foundations remain the same for me - safety, education and a support network. I feel that Malta is a relatively safe place to raise a child. We also have a selection of schools and educational systems in place that are continuously evolving to cater for the needs of our children. Living in Malta also allows me to be in close proximity of family and friends who can help whenever necessary. 
What improvements would you like to see for children in Malta?
I grew up appreciating the value and importance of play. I feel that as a culture, Malta still lacks the ability to recognise that play is such an important aspect of development and growth. There seems to be a gap in the system where play should be implemented and seen as a vital role in the all rounded well being of a child - physically, mentally, emotionally and educationally. On that level, there needs to be serious thought into upgrading public spaces and playgrounds where children can play safely while enjoying the outdoors, especially with the increase of developments and densely populated urban areas.
You are a great supporter of causes that assist with children who have social and health problems. What improvements would you like to see in Malta for these children? 
As a parent of a medically complex child who has spent weeks in hospital environments, I have had the opportunity to experience different methods of care. Different institutions approach healthcare in various ways when it comes to children and although the medical aspect is by far the most vital, the holistic approach is one that the patient benefits from greatly as well. Once again, I feel that there is a lack of the element of play when it comes to health and although there is a Play Therapy Association, it is not recognised officially in schools or health institutions. I also feel that there is a lack of awareness of thegeneral public when it comes to the vast variations of illness and disease. Our educational systems and public services need to inform and educate the general public about health issues and the fact that not all diseases are visible. Through teaching tolerance and acceptance, we can help provide some basic foundations for children with social and medical difficulties to overcome obstacles like acceptance and inclusion.  
Want to know more? Check out Lorinda's Bio- straight from the horse's mouth!
I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and moved to Malta with my family in the late 90's. Most of my academic background is based in sciences, but my heart was always in design and creativity. In 2006, my husband and I started our own creative design studio.
In 2012, I got pregnant, and I started a lifestyle and parenting blog - A Bird with a French Fry. My enthusiasm to write dwindled when I found out that there were complications with my baby. My son, Henry, was born in 2013 and was diagnosed with Prune Belly Syndrome and Chronic Kidney Disease.
Early on in 2014, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and as difficult as it was for me to write at times, many people were finding strength and I received so much positive feedback, encouragement and support that I continued to write.
Since then, A Bird with a French Fry continued to be a blog where I share happy things about lifestyle and parenting. The writing became part of my own therapy but my creative self was screaming out to me and I started making things that fulfilled my need to be creative as well as put out happiness into the world. While away from home, weeks before for my son's kidney transplant I needed to keep my mind occupied. Writing and allowing myself to be creative helped me cope in difficult times and still does. Creating cute accessories, gifts and home decor for little ones fills my heart with joy.
Last year I also started a collaboration with a good friend and we have created our own line of adorable bows and bowties under the name of Belle & Beau Handmade. This gave me a different much needed happiness as I get to work with a team and I have taken out my sewing machine again. 
I am passionate about creativity and all things design; especially baby and kid related. I love writing, my son’s cuddles, sewing, designing and making and a good book. I am obsessed with notebooks and stationary. And every day I try to be as Happy as a Bird with a French Fry, because it’s just that simple.
What makes me Happier than a Bird with a French Fry:
Creativity: chicken soup for the soul. ♥
My serious addiction to Notebooks, Typography & Letterpress
I’m obsessed with Design, Advertising, Branding, Creativity, Paper, Fashion, Art, DIY, Food and most of all being a Mom.
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