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October Newsletter

Welcoming to Autumn

We can tell by our daily commute that school has started & we will need to factor this in when running errands and attempting to get to work on time. Although transitioning is always a challenge with children who are naturally resistant to change, once the hurdle of returning to the scholastic routine is bridged, parents can look forward to a calmer routine.
At least there's Halloween to look forward to- bringing the end of October to a close with fright night fun!


Back to School with Malta Kids Directory


Big shout out to QSI

During the month of September our team were invited to attend the parents evening at QSI International School.

What a great opportunity to introduce the parents to our invaluable parenting resource- not to mention the helium balloons which went down a storm with the kids!



Congratulations are in order for Carmen Mifsud, whose correct answer to our Malta Kids Directory's September monthly competition has won her two complimentary tickets to one of the educational events organised regularly by Heritage Malta this Autumn!



Spolit for outings choice this Autumn 

Events aplenty
Our islands lend themselves to the gorgeous autumnal weather we are currently experiencing.
Take a break on one of our sister islands- the Comino hotel soon closes it's doors until the next high season- but camping is always an option for those who love getting closer to nature.
Alternatively, take a look at Gozo options- villa holidays, lower prices for top-end hotels and long weekend getaways tempt you to get out of our routine and just go!

Halloween is the next big thing to look forward to on the parental calender-not least because it signals the mid-term break! Trick or treating is catching on in certain parts of Malta & Gozo and dressing up is certainly not just for the kids!



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Bird Watch
Malta Artisan Markets
Trick or Treat?

BirdLife Malta once again are organising their annual migration bird watching event during the first weekend in October at two unique venues.


Going to St. Elmo mid-October this daytime market set against the gorgeous backdrop of the Grand Harbour is not to be missed!


There's something for all ages during the last wekend of October from orgainsed parties- to trick or treating in various localities.



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October monthly competition
Our Facebook family

Malta Kids Directory's October monthly competition has a great prize waiting to be won! Covetable family entrance tickets to Birdpark Malta, worth €26- just send in the correct answer to the question below before the 30th October deadline.

When does the next edition of The Definitive(ly) Good Guide to Restaurants in Malta & Gozo launch?


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