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Diar il-Bniet Agritourism

Address: 121, Triq il- Kbira
Locality: Dingli
Tel: 27620727/ 21454821
Mob: 7762 0002
Farmland offering fruit picking, wine making, cookery and craft classes for children.

Għammieri Government Farm
Locality: Marsa
Tel: 2590 4132
8007 2310
Enjoying the sights, sounds, smells & touch of the farm is a completely sensory experience. Guided tours for family groups of not less than 10 persons. Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-noon. Booking in advance.

Hands on Farming Gozo

Address: Governmental Experimental Farm,
Locality: Xewkija, Gozo
Tel: 2215 6966
Hands on farming for school children.

Koperattiva Rurali Manikata (KRM)

Address: KRM Ltd, Il-Kamp ta' Għajn Tuffieħa,
Triq il-Manikata,
Locality: Manikata
Mob: 7939 3881
Educational walk, along the 'Manikata Rural Heritage Trail' for children aged 3 -16 yrs.

Petting Farm

Address: Ta’ Qali Park
Locality: Ħ' Attard
Tel: 2292 8133
Great interaction experience with farm animals for children who are welcome to take their dog with them (as long as they’re kept on a leash!). Opening hours: 6.30am-7.30pm winter & up to 8.30pm in summer.

Ta' Ġinġel Farm

Address: Triq San Gorg,
Locality: St Paul's Bay
Tel: 2158 2164
Mob: 7747 7427 / 9923 3778
Ta' Ġinġel is a working sheep dairy farm. Activities available for farm visits are kids parties, school outings and events. Including sheep shearing, sheep milking, ġbejniet making presentation, feeding the animals and horse riding. Restaurant is open every day from 12pm until 3.30pm and available for events and visits any other time of the day.

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