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I'm a Parent – Get the Kids Outta Here

I'm a parent-get the kids outta here! A big shout out to all those parents feeling short changed since the school shutdown. We certainly didn't sign up for this- so no guilt feelings permitted when you're fantasising about where you're going to ship the kids off to once compulsory academia comes to an end. Never […]

The Malta Kids Directory top tips for Home Schooling

When Malta announced the closure of schools, amid pressure from concerned parents, on March 13th, a collective cheer from children of school going age went up across the islands. Once the reality of distance learning hit our shores, a chasm between how independent, religious and state schools handled the challenge became increasingly apparent. Independent schools […]

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Musings from A Malteser Abroad – Suzanne Cacciottolo

A Malteser abroad- musings from United Kingdom In our series highlighting family experiences across the globe during the pandemic, Maltese born Suzanne Cacciottolo a Music and Piano Teacher residing in Surrey, UK shares her musings with our Malta Kids community. Suzanne Cacciottolo moved to Surrey  with her husband and two young children   12 years […]

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Musings from A Malteser Abroad – Adriana Bishop

A Malteser abroad- musings from Switzerland In the first of our new series highlighting family experiences across the globe during the pandemic, Maltese born Adriana Bishop, a freelance copywriter living in Switzerland shares her musings with our Malta Kids community. The day before Malta announced its first Covid-19 cases I was enjoying dinner with friends […]

Top Ten Tips for Staying Sane while Social Distancing

As the news that restrictions will start relaxing in May sinks in, families all over our islands are challenged to adjust to their 'new normal'. As ever The Malta Kids Directory team are on hand to guide our ever expanding community during these trying times. Take a look at our pick of invaluable suggestions to […]

The Definitive(ly) Good Guide's five steps to ordering in!

  As always our acclaimed restaurant guide strives, during this time of semi-isolation, to put our finger on the pulse of the nation to discover what people want. To this end, we ran a survey asking the foodies living locally which has become their favourite go-to outlet for take out food. Here are some points […]

Why Cloth Nappies Are All The Rage in Malta

After using modern cloth nappies for my own baby daughter and experiencing first hand the long list of benefits they offer, I was inspired to launch The Cloth Nappy Company in July 2019, making reusable cloth nappies easily available and accessible within the Maltese market. Modern cloth nappies are: # better for your baby – Cloth […]

Ideas to keep kids active

Get adventurous and become a Dolphin or Cub, Guide or Scout. Guiding and scouting are an Education for Life. They complement the school and the family but fulfil those needs not met by either. They develop self-knowledge, the need to explore, to discover, to want to know. Their non-formal education programmes are full of progressive […]

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Measuring up to our siblings

We are born into our family and the relationships within weave the fabric of life. Children learn social competencies and social norms through their interactions with parents and siblings and family life becomes a complex, dynamic experience that has a direct influence on how they feel about themselves. The need to feel loved and to