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Welcome to our Malta Baby & Kids Days Out directory filled with ideas of Malta's Attractions to visit, Malta’s Beaches, Beach Clubs & Lidos, Boat Excursions, Bus Rides, Train Rides & Pedicabs, Explore Malta by bus, Entertainment Venues, Farms, Historic temples & sites, Museums, Picnic Areas, Public Parks & Gardens, Restaurants with Play Areas,Tours for children.

Attractions to Visit (30)
Attractions to Visit in Malta
Beach Clubs and Lidos (11)
Discover all about Beach Clubs and Lidos in Malta
Beaches (2)
Discover all about beaches in Malta
Boat Excursions (25)
Discover all about Boat Excursions in Malta
Bus & Train Rides (3)
Discover all about Bus & Train Rides in Malta
Entertainment Venues (6)
Discover all about Theme Parks in Malta
Explore Malta by bus (1)
Explore Malta by bus
Farms (6)
Discover all about Farms in Malta
Historic Temples & Sites (7)
Historic Temples & Sites
Museums (47)
Discover all about Museums in Malta
Picnic Areas (1)
Discover all about Picnic Areas in Malta
Public Parks & Gardens (3)
Discover all about Public Parks & Gardens in Malta
Restaurants with Play Areas (16)
Discover all about Restaurants with Play Areas in Malta
Tours for Children (1)
Discover all about Tours for Children in Malta

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