ĠEMMA Webinar | Managing Back-to-School Expenses - Malta Baby & Kids

ĠEMMA Webinar | Managing Back-to-School Expenses

Webinar by GEMMA – Back to School – How to Manage the Financial Burden

  • Date & Time
    • July 19 - August 26, 2020

ĠEMMA Webinar | Managing Back-to-School Expenses

Having your children going back to school can be very expensive particularly if one does not plan for it carefully.

In this webinar, ĠEMMA tries to highlight important tips which one might find useful in order to lessen the financial burden that such an activity usually involves. Re-using of stationery can not only result in financial savings but also have a positive impact on the environment. These can be either old copybooks, which might be used as rough paper or old book covers which are suitable to be re-used. Considering other avenues of how to buy in bulk those items that are frequently used during the whole scholastic year, usually unbranded and at a discounted price, can also have financial benefits. Labelling the child's stuff with his/her name and other relevant details can also assist in case it is misplaced or lost.

Participants will have the possibility of putting questions to the panel consisting of:
Ian Mifsud – Director Secretariat for Catholic Education
Suzanne Piscopo – Associate Professor University of Malta
Pauline Miceli – Commissioner for Children
Alexia Cutajar – Parent
Silvan Mifsud – Parent

The core objective of ĠEMMA Know, Plan Act is to assist Maltese households to acquire skills to be financially capable – mainly in budgeting, planning for the future and managing debt.