Bonding with my Baby - Friday 28th August - Malta Baby & Kids

Bonding with my Baby – Friday 28th August

Bonding with my Baby at Sliema Chalet

  • Date & Time
    • August 25 - 28, 2020

Everyone talks about bonding, but what is it, how will it happen for you, and what if it doesn't?
Bonding is a bit of a 'buzz word' around birth. Most people have heard of it, and most know it's important, but some people may have confusion about what it actually means, and anxiety about how and when it will happen for them.

This group is a chance to discuss thoughts and feelings about bonding both during pregnancy and after the birth, and to share ideas about ways to bond and connect with babies in utero, newborn and beyond.
This event is free and everyone is welcome to attend. Until further Covid-19 regulations this event will be held outside at Sliema Chalet, if otherwise meeting will be held online. Please reserve your space by booking through this event or  message with any questions.