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Milk Carton Crafts

Making a bird feeder from a milk carton

  • Date & Time
    • May 11 - June 3, 2020

For this Craft you will need:

1 Milk carton

A craft knife

A painting brush


A length of string

A small branch

Bird seed

IMPORTANT NOTE – the use of the craft knife should always be supervised

  1. Rinse the carton well and dry it
  2. Use the knife to cut a window/arch on the back of the carton
  3. A bit below the opening make a small hole to put the branch into later
  4. Use the brush and paint to experiment with colours and paint the carton
  5. place the bird seed inside and put the branch into the hole you prepared
  6. Finally make a small hole in the top and pass the string through and hang it in the yard, garden or on a balcony


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