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Mindfulness Session

Mindfulness Session

  • Date & Time
    • July 13, 2024

Exciting News!

Mindfulness is all about training our minds to stay in the present moment. It's about observing what's happening inside us and around us with curiosity, kindness, and compassion.

Mindfulness with Elaine, in collaboration with Esplora Interactive Science Centre, is offering an amazing experience for children aged 6 to 10!

Join in for an interactive 2-hour mindful session where kids will learn various mindfulness and well-being techniques, all while enjoying the fantastic resources Esplora has to offer.

Date: Saturday, 13th July 2024

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: Esplora Interactive Science Centre

For more information about this session, visit: Esplora Mindfulness Session for Kids

To register, contact Mindfulness with Elaine by:

Sending a message to 79268455

Emailing mindfulnesswithelaine@gmail.com

Messaging them on their Facebook Page: Mindfulness with Elaine

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