Superworm - Malta Baby & Kids


Superworm is super-long and super-strong and is always saving the day.

  • Date & Time
    • February 5, 2023
    • 11 am
  • Venue

    Cinema, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta

Superworm is super-long and super-strong, and is always saving the day. But who can save him when he gets too full of himself and is captured by the evil Wizard Lizard?
Superworm is a wonderfully unlikely comic hero. He's a long, strong worm with amazing skills and a big heart who keeps on saving the day. Butterfly has been Superworm's best friends since he was small, and she was a caterpillar. They love helping the other garden animals: they save the baby toad from a major road, they entertain bored bees, rescue a beetle. It seems there's no end to Superworm's skills but he begins to get a bit too full of himself and he starts to ignore his friend.
When the evil Wizard Lizard hears of Superworm's powers he sends his servant, Crow, to kidnap him. Then he forces Superworm to burrow underground looking for treasure. Butterfly hatches a plan with the other garden creatures to save Superworm, trapping Wizard Lizard and dumping him on the rubbish heap! All of the animals celebrate Superworm's return and Butterfly forgives Superworm for his big headedness. The pair are reunited as friends.
25 mins long film at Cinema Spazju Kreattiv.
Adult: €8
Child: €5

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