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Toi Toi Performances at Esplora in August

Toi Toi Performances at Esplora in Augus

  • Date & Time
    • August 5 - 27, 2020

Toi Toi – Manoel Theatre's education programme – has created a wide range of theatre productions with the aim to inspire audiences of all ages with performing arts specifically music, dance and drama. Three of these productions, for children aged 4+ or 5+, are going to be held at Esplora Interactive Science Centre this August.

Splish Splash Splosh (to be held on the 5th August 2020)

This production is all about sound! Explore different sounds made with water percussion and using basic utensils. This music event is a refreshing experience to all ages. Let's experiment together! Age: 4+


Alice's Adventures in Esploraland (to be held on the 19th August 2020)

We have all heard of Lewis Carroll's famous book, Alice in Wonderland. If you are a big fan of this story, don't miss this fabulous promenade performance which is adapted from this popular novel. Ages 4+


Step Up and Sort It! (to be held on the 26th August 2020)

Oh it's so much fun to sort things out, right? Add a hip hop dance or two and you will definitely end up with this marvellous production! So, are you ready to get your dancing shoes on? Ages 5+


On the day of each production there will be 2 different performances – Splish Splash Splosh / Step Up and Sort It!: 16.30 pm & 17.20 pm; Alice's Adventures in Esploraland: 9.30am & 10.30 am. On the same day, each ticket holder is entitled to a full-day entrance to Esplora as well as a live science show.


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