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5 things to do on maternity leave after your baby's born:


Massage is one of life's simple pleasures, and research has shown that baby massage can help babies grow better and behave better. It's known to help babies who suffer from colic and it is thought to increase the baby's immunity to illness. Massage helps babies breathe better and stimulate their senses, assisting in brain development. While massaging baby you both release the hormone oxytocin, which is the feel good hormone. This skin-to-skin connection is known as the therapeutic touch and helps parents and baby communicate better too, without saying a word. It's also a great way for dad to get in on the baby-bonding act. This is one of the simplest ways to calm your baby and, perhaps, even you. A gentle massage prior to bedtime every night is a lovely way to introduce a routine and prepare your baby for a good rest. Enrol yourself for one of these baby massage courses. For more information see Pregnancy & Birth Section, Massage & Complimentary Treatments


Babies love the water and they can be introduced to swimming as early as six weeks. When newborns are exposed to water, they make automatic swimming movements. Also, early swimming helps develop a baby's personality and decreases the chances of developing a fear of water. Swimming is great for their physical development as the water allows a baby to use their muscles without the constraints of gravity. The time spent in the water allows for a great bonding opportunity for both mum and dad! When a baby is younger than 6 months they will need to swim in a pool heated to a minimum of 32 degrees. Buy disposable swimming nappies or a reusable water one. See Sports Activities, Swimming


Play classes are a great way to encourage your baby's social development, along with their mind and body. A vital activity for a child's development and learning is interactive play & floor time with their parent or primary caregiver. Play classes provide age-appropriate fun and creative stimulation for infants, toddlers and preschool children, your child will turn play into rich learning and you will enjoy this special bonding time together. These classes are very social and provide lots of new friends for both children and parents. There are a variety of classes from playing classes to music focused ones. So pop along to a few until you find the one which works best for you and your baby. See Pregnancy & Birth, Yoga, Activities Section, Mother & Baby Clubs, Baby sign language


Exercise is a great way to lift your spirits. There are classes suitable for new mums that accommodate baby in stroller. This environment can help with your confidence as you are with other women at the same stage as yourself. The exercise routines are designed for a post natal body focusing on increasing your stamina, toning your muscles and burning excess 'baby fat'. Yoga and Pilates classes are available for both mother and baby and these are usually suitable from the time your baby is 6 weeks old – apart from being a great way for the new mum to de-stress, exercise also improves the baby's digestive health and sleep. See Pregnancy & Birth, Exercise Pre & Post Natal pg xx, Yoga pg xx. Where money is tight, you can always put on your runners, pack the buggy and find other mums in your area to go walking with at no cost. It's a perfect chance to spend time with baby while you exercise – guilt free! See Days Out Section, Public Parks & Gardens, Picnic Areas, Activities Section, Nature Walks


There isn't much choice but if it floats your boat and you decide to go to the movies it no longer has to be an ordeal and potentially fitting in between feeds. You can go with your hubby or a group of other mums. These ideal shows should have dimmed lighting and a lower volume so that it is a calmer environment for little ones. Since the movies cater for babies, crying during the screening is not an issue. Baby changing facilities are provided on site. Screenings are generally in the mornings on a weekday. While ticket prices are usually lower than general admission prices these also include a variety of freebies. These events are a great social gathering for both parents and babies alike. See Activities Section, Cinemas

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