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How to Heal Birth Trauma

  How to heal birth trauma – with Fiona G. Lyndley I booked in my first session with Fiona Lyndley with very little knowledge of what I was going in for. What I knew was that I needed professional help with getting rid of a strong sense of anger that was affecting my attitude towards […]

How do I know if my child needs braces?

Children should usually start having regular dental checkups from the age of two. Screening for tooth and jaw abnormalities is introduced gradually as the child’s development progresses and your dentist will know if and when your child needs to be referred to an orthodontist for assessment. How young is too young to start considering braces? […]

FAQ's about childen's teeth

 ASK THE DENTIST   1. WHEN SHOULD WE BEGIN USING TOOTHPASTE AND HOW MUCH?  A very small amount of toothpaste recommended for the child's age group can be used as soon as teething starts. A soft toothbrush for applying this, combined with a regular daily routine, goes a long way towards establishing positive lifelong oral hygiene habits […]

Brain Health

The developing brain: Did you know that there are over 100 billion nerve cells in the human brain? During development we “prune pathways” to help us grow & learn. Different stages of childhood are key to left and right brain development which leads us to becoming healthy, purposeful adults. Current scientific research has demonstrated how […]