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15 great budget ideas for keeping the kids amused during Winter!
15 great budget ideas for keeping the kids amused during Winter!

To keep children entertained without spending a fortune during winter, we've rounded up 15 tips. Rainy weekends, blustery afternoons, or any bout of illness can be helped by these!  1- Beam a wild animal into your home The augmented-reality search feature of Google lets you beam a tiger, shark, or pug into your home. Download […]

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I'm a Parent – Get the Kids Outta Here

I'm a parent-get the kids outta here! A big shout out to all those parents feeling short changed since the school shutdown. We certainly didn't sign up for this- so no guilt feelings permitted when you're fantasising about where you're going to ship the kids off to once compulsory academia comes to an end. Never […]

Ideas to keep kids active

Get adventurous and become a Dolphin or Cub, Guide or Scout. Guiding and scouting are an Education for Life. They complement the school and the family but fulfil those needs not met by either. They develop self-knowledge, the need to explore, to discover, to want to know. Their non-formal education programmes are full of progressive […]

My Malta

Married to Robert and the mother of 2 wonderful children – Kristina and John, Andrea is a dedicated and inspirational mother and when not taxi-driving the kids to their various activities her passion is preparing jams and chutneys or baking and cooking using the freshest ingredients purchased directly from the farmers in her neighbourhood in […]

Baby Development

Many of us spend the majority of our lives thriving to improve our communication skills for professional and personal reasons.   As our children grow older, we will spend many hours helping them to develop good communication skills and supporting them in situations where they have misunderstood others or been misunderstood themselves.   During the vital […]

Top free places to go with the kids

as voted by Kate de Cesare, Claire Bonello and 4 kids  Yummy Mummies Kate and Claire manage to juggle work, kids and, of course, not forgetting, their husbands. As busy parents we all know that time spent with the kids is precious time not to be wasted but savoured. Kate and Claire have been gallivanting […]

Tax Deductions for Children's Cultural & Creative Courses

Fees paid for Children's Cultural & Creative Courses If your child is under sixteen years of age you may be entitled to a tax deduction. If the cultural or creative course is registered with the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts you can claim a deduction against your chargeable income for the amount of […]

Gems of Malta

Words by Yolande Kleinjan Four years ago I moved from the Netherlands to Malta with my husband and two sons (they were 6 and 9 at the time). The first summer I explored the island, together with my two sons. They had, after all, a never-ending summer of 3 months! As a semi – tourist […]

The discussion that needs to happen

How to engage with technology as a family There can be no argument about the pervasiveness of technology in today's world. Whether at work, school or home – it is everywhere. And as technology evolves, it becomes ever more accessible and affordable. The advent of touchscreen devices has done away with the need to read […]