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A day in the life of… Andrea Cassar

Where do I begin!! My days are very hectic but I wouldn't want to change them for anything in the world.

My typical day starts at 6 am. My alarm goes off and every day I realise that I didn't get enough sleep. Yet sleeping that extra 20 min is not going to change anything so I cuddle up with the kids – who during the night have ended up in my bed – and wake them up with lots of hugs and kisses to get them up in a good mood.

I get up, and start dragging them out of bed for showers… while my husband prepares the lunches. We get the kids ready – Isaac for school, and Eve to come with me to the office. I shower quickly, dress and get my make-up done hoping that my tired, puffy eyes will smooth out by the time I get to work.  Every morning it's a struggle between getting to work at a decent time and eating breakfast with the kids.

For some reason it feels that in the morning the clock ticks faster than usual, and no matter how much I prepare the night before, I'm always running late…

I bundle both kids into the car and hit the road to try to get to Isaac's school in time.

His school is on the other side of the island, so it takes me an hour in traffic to get there. After I drop off Isaac in Birgu, I head to my office in Marsa where I start my long day…

 At work I am blessed with the flexibility of having a baby sitter to take care of Eve so that she's still around me, which relieves some of the guilt of not spending the whole day with my little one.

My day at the Shipyard is full, then at 1.45 my alarm goes off to collect Isaac from school and we head back to the office where home work is done and we all have lunch together while I continue with my work. After, we all head home to meet daddy.

 I put food in the oven and spend the rest of the evening playing with the kids and spending quality time.  After I cuddle up with the kids in bed, to make sure they are fast asleep, I start my preparations for the next day.

 One thing that never changes is the nonstop pace of holding down a career and a household.

By 9.30pm I try to watch a movie, but according to my husband I usually crash out on the sofa only to wake up and realise the movie I've been longing to watch is over…

 In truth my days are very varied. On top of it all, I somehow manage to fit in my television series 'Liquorish' as well as other multiple activities, working at night and from home whilst the kids are sleeping. Its crazy… but it works!!