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Baby Development

Many of us spend the majority of our lives thriving to improve our communication skills for professional and personal reasons.  

As our children grow older, we will spend many hours helping them to develop good communication skills and supporting them in situations where they have misunderstood others or been misunderstood themselves.  

During the vital first year, when the brain is developing more than any other time there is so much we can do to help our babies develop vital early communication skills. Babies learn, develop or acquire language through sensory experiences that involve verbal interactions with adults.


Early nurturing is so important. Babies have an amazing capacity to learn, but because parents or practitioners may not know what to look for, skills and capabilities may go unnoticed. One of the most exciting advances in child development has been the discovery that babies actually learn before they are born. Even more amazing is the fact that during their first year, babies learn more than at any other time in their lives. Babies are so clever, and their first year of development offers parents and practitioners a significant and remarkable opportunity to enjoy the learning potential of these incredible beings right from the start! 

By the first birthday, the baby's brain has doubled in volume as a direct result of the trillions of connections made between the brain cells. This is the importance of introducing a rich variety of sensory experiences at every possible opportunity. Dr Lin Day (PhD, Dip. Ed, BSc, PGCE, M. Phil.) 

Claire Savona ~ Baby Sensory Malta

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