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Baby Swimming – The Many Benefits

Swimming classes with mum or dad are a fun activity promoting

bonding and attachment and providing a great multi-sensory

experience. It is also extremely rewarding for any parent

to watch their child’s progression and enjoyment.

The benefits of regular baby

swimming are many:

1. Water awareness, confidence and

lifesaving skills – Lessons teach respect

for water and water safety techniques.

2. Bonding & attachment – Baby swimming

is a very intimate experience focusing

on quality time, fun learning activities,

positive reinforcement, building

trust and strong relationships.

3. Physical Independence and Self-

Awareness – A baby can move about

independently in the water learning

balance and coordination. The

motion and sensation of the water

gives unique self-awareness.

4. Confidence and Self Esteem – Praise

and recognition of achievements and

learning new skills boost a child’s

confidence and self-esteem.

5. Healthy Life Style – Getting into a

good active lifestyle early on will set the

ground for your child’s future and will

become the norm in future years.

6. Language Development –The use

of word association and specific

repetition is a core part of our teaching

methods and helps your baby to learn

many activity related meanings.

7. Brain Development – The multi-sensory

experience and variety of activities stimulate

learning, encourage brain development and

function and build emotional intelligence.

8. Social Skills – Various forms of group

interaction instills good social skills,

team work and independence.

9. Health Benefits – Swimming strengthens

the heart and lungs, improves muscle

development, and increases stamina

and promotes better co-ordination.

10. Improved Sleep & eating patterns – Children

who swim will often sleep and eat better.


Babies can start swimming at 2 months