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Brain Health

The developing brain:

Did you know that there are over 100 billion

nerve cells in the human brain? During

development we “prune pathways” to help us

grow & learn. Different stages of childhood

are key to left and right brain development

which leads us to becoming healthy, purposeful

adults. Current scientific research has

demonstrated how we can effectively enhance

our brain’s ability to function by using proper

stimulation at the current point in time.


Neuroplasticity & Purposeful Play

Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to

change and adapt. Developmental milestones

are monitored during the early years to

ensure our children are growing properly.

Although infants are quite young for

“therapy/exercises”, there are many “games”

we can play with them to help improve

development of the nervous system.

Unique “games” we play serve a purpose in the

development of your young ones by activating

nerve pathways in the brain and spine. Training

enhances performance of neurotransmitters

thus improving quality of function.


St. Anthony’s Clinic @ Hilltop

Childhood Neurodevelopment



– Autism

– Sensory Processing Disorder

– Dyslexia

– Cerebral Palsy

– Dystonia

– Spina Bifida

– Traumatic neurological insult

– Genetic / Neurological disorders


Posture & Spinal Health

Posture is too important not to talk about!

Our spine protects and supports the nervous

system. Postural Distortion Pattern’s may

contribute some of the following conditions:

– Bedwetting

– Ear Infections

– Asthma

– Constipation

– Sleep disturbances

– Headaches


About us!

Our doctors are primary care providers

who specialise in spinal health and

clinical neuroscience with National Board

certifications in the United States which

includes physiotherapy and radiology. Our

therapies are safe, effective and non-invasive.


Consultations are available for

patients traveling from abroad.