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Child Dental Care

Some Frequently Asked Questions:


How can I help my child through the teething stage?

The teething stage comes with sore gums as a result of the eruption process. You can ease the discomfort by using a teething biscuit, cold teething ring or a piece of toast. Your pharmacist can also have medication that can be rubbed on the gums to ease the discomfort.


What should I do if my child sucks his thumb?

Thumb sucking that continues beyond the eruption of permanent teeth may cause problems with the correct growth  and alignment of teeth. If your child's thumb  sucking does not stop by the age of four, kindly visit our offices to check if any future problems may arise from the habit as well as a recommendation for the best treatment.

Why do baby teeth need special care, yet they aren't permanent?

It is crucial for parents to maintain the health of baby teeth. If neglected, the development of cavities may cause pain and infections and may even affect the development of permanent teeth.

Additionally, baby teeth are essential for:

  • Proper chewing and eating
  • Provide space for permanent teeth and guide them into correct position
  • Aids in the healthy development of jaw bones and muscle


What is the best way to clean a child's teeth?

For infants, parents are advised to wipe their gums after every feed with a gauze pad or moist washcloth. Once a tooth or more appear, the parent should brush them using children's toothpaste and a soft- bristled toothbrush that has a small head.

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