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Deciding on childcare

Deciding on Childcare – Where do I start?

Choosing the right childcare may seem like a daunting task, especially if it is your first time. In today's society, where it is becoming increasingly common for mum to return to work after maternity leave, having to rely on childcare is not an easy decision. Trust your instincts and carry out some research into childcare  centres to help you make an informed choice.

What are the carer-child ratios?

According to the national standards for childcare provisions the following ratios apply;

Age birth – 12 months – 1 carer to 3 children

Age 13 months – 24months – 1 carer to 5 children

Age 25 months – 36+ months – 1 carer to 6 children!

Is there financial help towards my childcare costs?

Yes, there is! The government introduced a free childcare scheme in April 2014, whereby qualifying parents are entitled to free childcare based on the condition that both parents are either working or training. Application forms and a list of registered centres can be found on For further information and eligibility contact or 2598 2174 / 2598 2772.

What will my child be doing in childcare?

Apart from being fed and changed he/she should be in an environment that stimulates his/her development. It is important that children at this age are shown adaptive prosocial skills by learning the concept of being kind to others and sharing. A childcare centre that promotes such social behaviours prepares your child for kindergarten. Ask your childcare centre about the ways in which they promote prosocial behaviour. !

Will they learn anything?

Of course they will! No matter what age your child is, they predominately learn through experience, social interaction and play. Ask your centre if they promote educational aspects to play. For example, do they introduce key themes through crafts or activities? Perhaps the introduction of colours through a block sorting activity. When children are exposed to themes through the use of play they are more likely to remember the theme as it was an enjoyable positive experience !

Mrs Georgina Fardoe

MSc Child & Family Psychology

Childcare Centre Manager

Orange Tree Childcare Centre


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