First Aid Choking - Malta Baby & Kids

First Aid Choking

Unaware of the risks, babies will put just about anything in their mouths as part of their journey of discovery through life.


Preventing Choking

Keep small objects out of reach. Check the floor by getting down to your baby's height and looking around.

Supervise babies while they're eating solid food. Keep food pieces small. Cook, grate or mash hard food like hard fruits and vegetables. Avoid whole nuts, grapes, popcorn, hard or gummy lollies and other hard foods.

Follow the age recommendations on toys. Avoid toys with small parts, breakable parts, brittle surfaces or button batteries. Check toys for exposed stuffing and loose screws and buttons.


Signs of Choking

Baby is unable to cry, cough or breathe, paleness, blue colour and loss of consciousness.

How to help a Choking Baby

  1. Lay baby face down along your forearm and thigh and support her head. Give up to five back blows between the shoulder blades, with the heel of your hand.
  2.  If the blockage hasn't cleared, lay baby on their back. Put two fingers in the centre of the chest, and give up to five chest thrusts. Check to see if the blockage has cleared between each thrust.
  3. If the obstruction still has not cleared, call 112.
  4. If baby is still choking, alternate five back blows and five chest thrusts until emergency help arrives. If baby becomes unconscious, start baby CPR.