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Fun and exciting Ideas to keep your Kids entertained

Parents today should be aware of the potential danger their backyard swimming pool poses to young children.
Statistics show that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among children under age 5. We can't imagine the traumatic circumstance of losing one's child to drowning. Due to the severity of the pool drowning problem, parents need to be aware of their options for preventing their child from reaching the swimming pool. Most experts including the American Academy of Pediatrics agree that a barrier fence around the swimming pool (pool fence) represents the safest option for keeping your little ones safe. Using a pool fence as the necessary pool barrier to prevent access to the swimming pool provides the following advantages:
1. A pool fence prevents your child from reaching the pool.
2. A barrier pool fence allows others to use the swimming pool while keeping younger children safe and      away from the pool.
3. You are still able to enjoy the beauty of the water.
4. Cleaning of the pool is easier compared with swimming pool covers
Protect-A-Child's removable mesh pool fence gives parents the best of all worlds. It provides excellent protection for children, is very attractive, and can be installed in a variety of configurations while being fully removable.
With Protect-A-Child Pool Fencing installed, rather than a danger zone, your pool and patio become an outdoor play area to be enjoyed by the entire family.

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