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Ideas to keep kids active

Get adventurous and become a Dolphin or Cub, Guide or Scout. Guiding and scouting are an Education for Life. They complement the school and the family but fulfil those needs not met by either. They develop self-knowledge, the need to explore, to discover, to want to know. Their non-formal education programmes are full of progressive activities based on the interests of girls, boys, young women and men. Activities in contact with nature, a rich learning environment where simplicity, creativity and discovery come together to provide new adventures and challenges. (Activities – Adventure Clubs section)
With encouragement at home and at school, children progress rapidly from the scribbles and paint blobs from their playgroup days to more skilled forms of creativity, such as painting pictures and constructing models. So assist their imagination and guide your child to express their inner self through one of the many art and craft or ceramic sessions available.  (Activities – Art & Craft section)
Kids look forward to bath time so why not try a bath bomb session. Whilst a fun activity that creates a useful product, making bath bombs can be a lesson in science – the fizzing reaction is the same type of reaction that occurs in carbonated beverages. (Activities – Art & Craft section
Children simply love stories. Story time is an exciting time for children who are always ready to have their imaginations stimulated. Refer to the animated reading sessions listed in this directory. For the more intent readers with an insatiable appetite for books head down to your local library or Malta's Public Library in Floriana. (Activities – Libraries section)
Most toddlers and kids enjoy playing with musical toys such as xylophones, whistles and drums, so enrol in one of these joyful classes. It is toward the end of primary school that a child takes up music seriously so choose a music school that can advise you on choosing the instrument to which your child is best suited. (Activities – Music Lessons section)
Dancing improves muscular control and co-ordination in young children and can be fun. Malta has an amazing number of dance schools to choose from. Read through our dancing pages … (Activities – Dance section)
Playing and acting are physical accomplishments developed by toddlers and are used in more skilled and interesting games as a child grows up. Imitation is also a part of development and a child expresses this by dressing up and acting a part of their own mind.  Check out classes available in Malta. (Activities – Drama section)
With the Mediterranean surrounding the Maltese Islands it provides some of Malta's most popular playgrounds. If water is to be enjoyed in safety children must be completely at home in it. All children should learn to swim. Swimming promotes health and gives great pleasure. It is inexpensive, can be enjoyed by everyone and can open the door to numerous exciting activities such as sailing, surfing, diving, canoeing, water skiing, water polo, competitive swimming and more. As swimming is not always taught in schools it is up to parents to help their children to learn to swim. (Sports Activities – Swimming section)