Maternity bag essentials - Malta Baby & Kids

Maternity bag essentials

Labour bag
• Your medical record chart
• Birth Plan
• Two cotton nightdresses or pyjamas
• A light dressing gown, socks and slippers
• Tablet and headphones
• Bottled water, drinks and snacks for you and your partner
• Relaxation materials – books, cards, games…
• Camera, spare batteries and an extra memory card
• Hairbrush
• Facial mist spray, facial wipes, face cloth and hand towel
 • Massage oil/lotion • Cooling water spray
• TENS machine if you choose to use one for pain relief
• Shower gel/shampoo
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Maternity pads
For baby
• Cotton wool
• Newborn nappies x 3
• Babygros
• Vest
• Hat
• Cardigan
Hospital bag for mum
• Two nursing bras
• Nightshirt or t-shirt – front opening for breastfeeding
• Disposable underwear
• Breast pads
• Three packs of maternity sanitary towels
• Toiletries including toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, facecloth
• Nipple Balm and healing Compresses
• Make-up bag • Hairbrush and travel hairdryer
• Money for buying snacks, magazines etc Maternity bag essentials The following list includes all the essentials that you and your baby will need during your stay in hospital
• Clothes for in hospital and for going home, loose comfy maternity wear and comfy shoes • Mobile phone and charger
• Intimate wipes
For baby
• Car seat
• Three baby gros
• Three vests
• Baby blanket
• 24 disposable newborn nappies
• Nappy cream
• One roll of cotton wool
• One pair of socks or booties
• Hat
• Jacket or snowsuit (depending on time of year)
• Muslin squares
• Scratch mitts
• A going home outfit: hat, all-in-one suit and blanket
Going home • Your partner or somebody else can bring a car seat for the baby to travel home in. (In most countries the hospital will not let your baby go home without this)