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Milky Diamonds Malta – The Malta Kids Directory Chats with Kelly

We would like to introduce you to Kelly Marie Perkins. Everything Kelly makes is hand crafted, personalized and made in Malta.

How did your experiences influence your business? 

I started making DNA keep sakes after my own experience with birth and breastfeeding. Many of us mummies pass through the same struggles of birth and breastfeeding. I myself breastfeeding both my children and like many other mummies it wasn't as easy as I would have liked.

Breast feeding was a tremendous struggle and I suffered in many ways. My little one would not latch and I found myself expressing for nine months.

But then, when it was over, I felt a little empty… the journey had come to an end… And this is where Milk Diamonds were created.

After many years of research and making connections around the World I launched my own small business here in Malta.

I feel the product is very unique and I truly enjoy making every single keepsake.

A lot of time goes into making each one and a great deal of patience is needed. However, it is worth it as I find it extremely satisfying creating every piece.

The joy on each mummies face when they receive their preserved keepsake is very emotional for both me and my clients and I feel truly honored to be trusted with each mummy's liquid gold.

Can you tell us more about your creations? 

I make several DNA keepsakes. My main focus is breastmilk keepsakes and hair inclusion keepsakes but I also create cremation ashes keep sakes and pet fur inclusions.

I've been making breast milk keepsakes for a very long time now and can truly say with my hand on my heart nothing can compare to having something so special so close to your heart.