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Mums… Pamper Yourselves

Moms are busy ladies and unfortunately, pampering is usually the first thing they sacrifice when they're swamped. Myoka Spa Breaks are the perfect way to rebalance the body and revive the soul. The best thing for busy moms to do is to take a little time out of each day to dedicate to themselves and their well-being. Some spa treatments are not as time consuming or expensive as one would think. We think that manicures, pedicures and massages are some of the top treatments for moms because they fit their lifestyles. When you are recovering from your baby's birth, a massage, facial or other treatment can truly lift your spirits. Mummy-to-be massage People have espoused the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy since at least 3000 B.C. but the  practice  for  pregnant  women  and  their  newborns is  a  fairly  new  discovery  for  many women. Pregnancy massage can bring relief to some of the most common complaints of pregnancy including heartburn and indigestion, hemorrhoids, morning sickness/nausea, sinus congestion, high blood pressure, and varicose veins.  Inner peace relaxing massage This  Massage  relaxes  muscles,  increases  circulation  and  lowers  stress  hormones, bringing  relaxation  and  stress  relief.  All body systems appreciate treatment after nine months of change, culminating with the delivery of the greatest miracle in life. Adding myofascial release and craniosacral therapy reaches deeper into the body for more complete healing.  Postpartum depression is a more serious, longer-lasting condition that affects 10-15% of mothers.  Studies show massage to be beneficial for treating postpartum depression.

Leading light massage Residual body aches from pregnancy are normal. Adding breastfeeding and childcare can intensify arm, shoulder and back pain. Massage is an effective holistic approach that relaxes muscles and relieves pain without medication.  Lymphatic drainage massage Body fluids need to find balance after pregnancy, in which there was an increase of about 50% in fluid volume.  This Massage increases circulation and lymphatic drainage to facilitate elimination of excess fluids and waste products. Massage helps hormone regulation, which also decreases swelling. Continue your high fluid intake for healing and lactation, even though you may still have swelling.For more info about our spa treatments please call the Myoka Lotus Spa on 21 370 163. We will assist you to design package around your budget and concerns 😉