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Reuse! It's better than recycle!

You are never too small to make a difference

At just 15 years of age, at a climate conference in Poland, Greta Thunberg stated "You are never too
small to make a difference". At The Cloth Nappy Company we could not agree more and facilitating
small changes for our little ones is one of our main aims.

I am Brenda, mum of 2 girls and founder of The Cloth Nappy Company, an idea which came about
when my first born was just a couple of months old. At the time, we had just delved into the world of
reusable cloth nappies and our eyes were just being opened to how awesome these products
were. Not only were they better for our planet but at the end of the day they also saved us a
significant amount of money. I felt strongly that if more parents had access and help, the uptake of
reusable baby products would be much larger. It is what spurred me on. Fast forward a few years to
date and we are so proud to say that there are hundreds of parents in Malta and Gozo that have also
chosen to use reusable cloth nappies for their babies.

Since starting The Cloth Nappy Company we have spoken to many people and a lot of the concerns
that we hear centre around the perception that using cloth nappies would take a lot more time and
effort than the throwaway plastic alternative. What most still don't realise is that modern cloth
nappies have come a long way from the white towels and safety pins that our grandparents had to
use. They are now manufactured in a way that makes them perfect for our fast-paced lifestyles.
In Malta alone, some 20 million disposable nappies go into the landfill each year. Each disposable
nappy takes over 500 years to biodegrade. Using cloth nappies will have a massive effect on the
reduction of single-use plastics on our island and planet.

In October 2021, we took things a step further and launched our Preloved Baby Clothing section.
Parents will agree at how expensive it is to buy brand new baby clothes which will only be used for a
few weeks or months at best. Most of the items are still in a great condition when our babies grow
out of them, some even unused with tags still on. In addition, the clothes we put away once our kids
grow out of them normally lie in some storage cupboard for months on end, unutilised. Through our
Preloved Baby Clothing initiative we buy clothes from those who no longer need them and make
them accessible to those who are looking to buy.

We all know that new babies add a lot of new items to every household. Reusable cloth nappies and
preloved baby clothing can really help improve our children's environmental impact. No one is too
small to make a difference. Especially not our little ones!

We invite you to visit our online shop where you will find some of the best brands of reusable cloth
nappies for your baby as well high quality preloved baby clothing. If you want to find out more
about cloth nappies, get in touch to book a free 1-1 nappy consultation. We are always happy to
help 🙂