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The discussion that needs to happen

How to engage with technology as a family

There can be no argument about the pervasiveness of technology in today's world. Whether at work, school or home – it is everywhere. And as technology evolves, it becomes ever more accessible and affordable. The advent of touchscreen devices has done away with the need to read letters on a keyboard or to have hands big enough to grab a mouse. Children are essentially 'born ready' to engage with technology. All they need to do is point and touch.

But as parents, we also know that technology can present huge challenges. We are happy when a tablet or phone acts as a pacifier, but complain when children do nothing but play on their devices. We might invest in educational apps, but do we follow up to see what educational progress the child is making? Is more technology always better?

 When family time is essential,the automatic reaction seems to be to ban all electronic devices. But is this the only way? How can we make the best use of technology? Do we need to focus on the skills that children learn at school, or do we also need to make sure that parents are not lagging behind? Are games like Minecraft just games, or can we use them in fun ways that the whole family can enjoy and learn from?

 These are just some of the many questions that will need to be discussed. We cannot escape this – whether we are children, teachers or parents. The question is not about whether we need to find new ways to engage with technology, but simply about how and when to do so. At EasyPeasy Coding we strive to find the most innovative answers to these questions.