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The journey of becoming a Mother by Fiona Lyndley

Matter must become spiritualised and Spirit must become materialised. ….

Omraan Mikael Iavanhov

This quote epitomises the reason behind one of the roles that Fiona Lyndley has worked with for over 25 years. Fiona Lyndley is Malta's only fully qualified practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy and Castellino Prenatal and Birth Therapy.  She believes that we all need to pay considerable attention to the process that is involved in the journey of becoming a mother.  Every mother had a mother and the process behind the joint 'birth' of the two new roles that of being a child and becoming a mother is a delicate one, for which a true sacred space is needed to be held. It forms an unbreakable bond of love and trust between the child and her parents.

Our Babies are fully conscious and fully sentient; from the very earliest of time before they grow a single cell. This is evident and is worked with through the implicit memory. They are aware of their field, their journey, their conception, their pregnancy, as well as their parents' internal and external satiety. This is Fiona's motivation behind making initial contact with future parents even before they plan conception. Her work here focuses on processing and consolidating the parents' unresolved emotional experiences as they work through feelings carried from their childhood.  It also creates a space to speak about their dreams and fears about being parents, it is a place where challenges related to this newly decided role are discussed and resolved.

The parents' physical, emotional and psychological well-being is maximised and balanced before the baby learns how the world feels from inside his mother ie before conception. In so doing, this inner 'cleanse' will help purify the growth of the baby, preventing him from growing in fear, changing his learning process from that of a world that is scary, to one that nurtures warmth and love, offering him the environment that teaches that the world feels like a good place and he yearns to join. Multifaceted issues are worked through, family wounds are digested and softened gently, creating a fresh parental field leading to a conscious conception, peaceful pregnancy and joy-filled birth free from any other interference. Babies instinctively know how to be born and mothers instinctively know how to give birth.

Brain development occurs inline with each trimester, so in the first trimester the hindbrain, (survival and regulatory brain) develops. The second trimester sees the baby through the midbrain, limbic system, (emotional brain) and the third trimester sees the growth of the forebrain, (reasoning, creativity, language) so each trimester needs specific influences to ensure the development of full neural plasticity that the human being in becoming can be in his full strength, safe and free to offer his gifts to our world. Mothers literally create society and the world, so, to support mothers is the highest level of service to offer.

One main negative influence to this work is the new normality of over medicalising birth. Parents following birth using this method present to me with feelings of betrayal and difficulty accepting the idea of conceiving again because of their frustration of their inability to give birth more naturally. Despite this, it is still possible to heal whatever negative experiences exist after birth, and here again, Fiona's practise provides support to parents wishing to face aspects that will ultimately restore the experience of a harmonious parent-baby bond after birth.

One of the biggest frustrations for parents it trying to interpret their babies needs.  You may not be understanding what your baby is trying to tell you,  and you're not doing anything wrong.  With her training Fiona can help you understand what they are trying to  tell you and how to communicate with them before they can use verbal communication.

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