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The Stages of Pregnancy Month by Month

Mother & Baby

1st Month

• Embryo implants in uterus

• Embryonic cells start specialising in function

• Brain and spinal cord start to form

• Heart starts beating

• Embryo is size of grain of rice

by the end of the month


2nd Month

• Breasts enlarge and

become tender

• Pressure on bladder

causes increase in

frequency of urination

• Vaginal secretion


3rd Month

• Morning sickness

may stop

• Increased appetite

• May have mood swings

4th Month

• Abdomen bulges

• First kick

5th Month

• May feel more energetic

• Needs frequent rest

• Uterus feels heavy

• May have leg cramps at night

6th Month

• Discomfort due to size of bulge

• Back pain can be eased by exercise

7th Month

• May experience false contractions

(Braxton Hicks)

• May develop stretch marks on

breasts and abdomen

8th Month

• Frequent urination

• Breathing may be laboured

• Tires easily

9th Month

• Ready for labour

• Increased urination

• Needs plenty of rest

• If contractions experienced –

refer to doctor or midwife



2nd Month

• Embryo almost 1 inch long

• Brain and spinal cord almost complete

• Limbs and all major organs start to form

3rd Month

• Embryo is now a fetus

• About 3 inches long

• May respond to sounds

• Heart beat audible by a doptone

4th Month

• May move and kick

• Lanugo and vernix develop

• Umbilical cord thickens

• Sex can be determined through

ultrasound imaging

5th Month

• Fetus almost 30cm long

• Maximum length and weight gain

by baby during this month

• Period of increased activity

• Respiration and urination begins

6th Month

• Skin wrinkled

• Movements more vigorous

• Responds to sound

• Baby considered viable

7th Month

• Weighs just over 1 kg

• Finger prints and all organs developed

• Movements decrease

8th Month

• Fully formed

• Moves into birth position – head down

• Lanugo reduces

9th Month

• Fully grown – ready to be born

• Lungs fully developed

• Body fat regulates temperature

• Immune system developed