The Ultimate Baby & Kids Back to School Checklist 2022 - Malta Baby & Kids

The Ultimate Baby & Kids Back to School Checklist 2022

A little planning now means a smoother start to the school year. To help, here is our Back to School To Do List, filled with tips and resources for saving money, time, and your weekday morning sanity. We hope this school year is your best yet!

3 weeks before

  • Get your kids involved in Back to School shopping both at the planning stage and shopping stage
  • Invite classmates for playdates to give the kids a chance to reconnect
  • Get their minds into school mode with games and brain teasers
  • Finalise transportation arrangements
  • Spend time together doing family stuff before everyone gets caught up in the routine

2 weeks before

  • Get children's rooms, desks and school supplies organised
  • Start getting them to sleep earlier day by day
  • Research and make a list of lunches including food items they like

1 week before

  • Have backpacks packed and ready to go
  • Buy food supplies for lunches including healthy snacks
  • Book a hair cut for the kids
  • Write down a schedule for all their activities
  • Make sure all shopping for school supplies is done including:
  • Lunch boxes and water bottles
  • Stationery
  • Gym clothes and uniforms
  • Pencil cases filled with pencils, erasers, rulers
  • Tablets
  • Crayons, coloured pencils, washable markets etc