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Why Cloth Nappies Are All The Rage in Malta

After using modern cloth nappies for my own baby daughter and experiencing first hand the long list of benefits they offer, I was inspired to launch The Cloth Nappy Company in July 2019, making reusable cloth nappies easily available and accessible within the Maltese market.

Modern cloth nappies are:

# better for your baby – Cloth nappies are made out of natural breathable materials that are very gentle even for very sensitive skins. In fact, they are known to help keep nappy rash at bay. They are also really cute and come in lots of cool colours and designs.







# kinder to our environment – Cloth nappies are very eco-friendly helping to reduce single-use plastic. In Malta alone our babies go through 24 million disposable nappies a year! Each disposable nappy takes around 500 years to decompose.






# easier on your pocket – It is not often that an eco-friendly product is cheaper and better than the mass-market alternative. In the case of reusable cloth nappies this is! On average, a baby goes through eight nappies a day until they are potty trained. This amounts to €1,200 worth of disposable nappies. Cloth nappies will cost you around €500. And of course, you can reuse them for your next child!



At The Cloth Nappy Company we offer free talks (follow our Facebook page to check out our online videos!), free 1:1 personal consultations and also take part in a number of events around Malta.


You only need one cloth nappy to get started!

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