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Discover our ideas for raising children's awareness about the environment!

Discover our ideas for raising children's awareness about the environment!

We believe that from a young age, it is possible to introduce children to environmental awareness. By awakening them early to eco-conscious habits that they will carry throughout their lives we will be contributing to the creation of a more sustainable society.  Change begins with passing on knowledge to younger generations. The first step in influencing the youngest is, of course, to lead by example.

Step 1 – Sorting toys to understand the value of things

As children grow up, they may become bored with certain toys that are no longer suitable for their age. Encourage them to select those they no longer want, to give to charitable organizations or to children who will use them. They will then understand the concept that each toy has value, can be passed on, and can have a longer lifespan.

Step 2 – Becoming eco-citizens by cleaning beaches and the countryside

Showing children what happens to nature when waste is not properly disposed of is perhaps the most impactful lesson. They understand how harmful it is to the environment. You can scout in advance for a spot in the countryside or a section of beach in need of a clean-up. Organize waste collection as a game: whoever collects the most within a set time wins! Take a photo before and another after everything is cleaned up.

Step 3 – Reading stories, playing games about environmental awareness

There are many books and board games that focus on explaining the environment to children. You can find plenty of ideas online. Take advantage of these moments to discuss ecology with your children. Start with concrete examples, everyday situations that young children can easily understand. Plant the seed of environmental awareness in their minds!

Step 4 – Creating crafts with natural resources

During your walks, gather pretty stones, seashells, lovely branches, colourful leaves, or flowers. Back at home, you can organize a small workshop of manual activities on the theme of nature and discoveries: glue the collected treasures onto a cardboard panel, arrange them to represent a person or a landscape. Use paint, collage, and let your children's imagination run wild. You can also create a beautiful herbarium together, to be completed throughout the seasons.

Step 5 – Gardening to understand nature

For raising children's awareness about ecology, there's nothing better than direct contact with nature. Through gardening, they grasp the workings of plants and the life cycle. Sprout seeds, set up a small vegetable garden in your yard or on your balcony. Create a mini garden using vegetable scraps. Your child will enjoy tending to the plants, watering them, and watching them grow.

To conclude, educating children about ecology from a young age is crucial, as they are the future leaders of the ecological transition and the guardians of our planet's well-being.

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