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Explore the Great Outdoors !

Embarking on outdoor adventures is not just about getting some fresh air; it's an opportunity for kids to connect with nature, learn, and let their imaginations run wild.

1 – Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature is full of treasures waiting to be discovered! 

Organise a scavenger hunt where kids can search for specific leaves, rocks, or even animal footprints. This activity not only sharpens observation skills but also instills a love for the environment.

2 – DIY Mini-Gardening

Get those green hands to work with a mini-gardening project. 

Whether it's planting flowers, herbs, or small vegetables, kids will learn about the life cycle of plants and gain a sense of responsibility as they nurture their own little garden.

3 – Outdoor Art Extravaganza

Take creativity to the great outdoors! 

Provide kids with art supplies and encourage them to create masterpieces inspired by the beauty around them. From leaf rubbings to nature collages, the possibilities are endless.

4 – Bubble Bonanza

Unleash the magic of bubbles in an open space! 

From making giant bubbles to chasing and popping them, this simple yet entertaining activity brings joy and laughter to any outdoor setting.

5 – Outdoor motor skills course

Bring fun and sports to your children !

If you have a garden, build a small motor course with obstacles. Your little adventurer can crawl under a table, climb a chair, go through cardboard, jump through hoops, climb a wooden pallet, step over a stick, etc.


As well as having lots of fun, your child will learn a sense of balance, and improve his coordination and physical skills. He'll also gain a better understanding of the concepts of above, inside and below…

You can also take your children to the activities we suggest on our event page!

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