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Tips and tricks for flying peacefully with children

Tips and tricks for flying peacefully with children

Travelling with children, especially when they are young, can be a real ordeal. So, when it comes to taking a flight, anxiety can quickly overshadow the joy of sharing an adventure with your offspring. We've compiled some tips to ensure your journey is peaceful

Step 1 : Being well prepared for your trip

A foolproof tip for successful trip preparation: create a detailed list of all essential items. Involve your child in the preparations and why not make the final purchases before departure with them? Additionally, don't forget to inquire about essential travel documents.

Step 2 – Entertainment is essential

Keep your children entertained throughout the flight to enhance everyone's journey. Bring along books, toys, tablets loaded with games or movies, and noise-cancelling headphones to keep them occupied. Don't assume that every aircraft will have screens for watching shows.

Step 3 – Prevent discomfort during take-off and landing

The pressure changes during take-off and landing can lead to earaches. While adults can naturally adjust, children may struggle. To help alleviate this, encourage them to drink water or use a dummy during these times.

Step 4 – Maximise comfort

Ensure your child is dressed in comfortable clothing and allow them to remove their shoes. Consider bringing along a blanket and perhaps a small pillow for added coziness.

Pack spare clothes in your cabin bag, as accidents like spills or unexpected messes are inevitable.

Step 5 : Bring nutritious snacks

Pack a selection of healthy snacks that your children like. Airline meals might not always suit their preferences, and having familiar snacks can help avoid hunger-related tantrums. I recall that some airlines used to provide complimentary pretzels or cookies. Be ready to purchase pricey snacks on the plane or buy them in advance to save money.

And lastly, maintain a calm and positive attitude, children are sensitive to their parents' emotions, so strive to stay composed and optimistic throughout the journey. Should any challenges arise, approach them with patience and a touch of humour.

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