Top Ten Tips for Staying Sane while Social Distancing - Malta Baby & Kids

Top Ten Tips for Staying Sane while Social Distancing

As the news that restrictions will start relaxing in May sinks in, families all over our islands are challenged to adjust to their 'new normal'.

As ever The Malta Kids Directory team are on hand to guide our ever expanding community during these trying times.

Take a look at our pick of invaluable suggestions to make life easier for families who have most definitely never spent so much time together in such close quarters.

1. Timetable

Getting the kids involved in planning a program will ensure their cooperation. Ideally coordinate your work timings to coincide with e-schooling for older children or during controlled screen time for those with younger kids.

2. E-learning

To get to grips with virtual schooling, the team at Malta Kids Directory suggest taking advantage of the local courses online to prepare ourselves for handling the third term indoors. Use an online diary to set reminders for live online lessons.

3. Work From Home

Even with the opening of non-essential shops, for those of us with school going children the work situation remains unchanged. Separate desks define each workstation and remember to let the kids know when you are working in order to keep distractions to a minimum.

4. Outings

At The Malta Kids Directory we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when suggesting alternative (social distancing) outing ideas for young families. Think outside the box and choose times of day- like early weekday mornings, to visit less obvious places- such as our gorgeous capital city.

5. Diarise

Photographs and video clips will help everyone remember being part of this slice of history.

Don't forget that the daily events updated on are a wealth of ideas for keeping the kids entertained!

6. Socialise

Communicating (virtually!) with our peers and relatives has never been easier. Now that local social distancing regulations have broadened to include meetings of up to four persons- try planning a picnic car meet-up with mates.

7. E-sports

Whip up enthusiasm for extracurricular online training by setting up a notification alert to ensure participation. Exerting some energy is vital for kids and results in a better night's sleep all round.

8. Positivity

Lead by example to show your children that you have every confidence in the authorities handling of this situation. Explain the situation in an age appropriate manner and don't forget to make time to be silly!

9. Privacy

With the recent developments of opening up non-essential outlets, it is now time to start giving older children more independence. Let them out for an hour on their bicycle, reminding them to steer clear of crowds. Grant  tweens some alone time in their rooms and set up toys within a playpen to have some peace of mind with toddlers.

10. Altruism

Show your support for shielded vulnerable relatives by putting the kids on when telephoning grandparents; and ask the children to choose a treat to deliver to overseas relations. Pick a close person to be your pet project during this time and prepare extra food to drop off for them.


The Malta Kids Directory team has got you covered- watch this space for regular topical updates! Stay vigilant, stay strong and stay with your favourite parenting tool.