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5 Autumn Activities for your kids !

After the hectic back-to-school period, your children will be particularly happy to take a short break during the Autumn or All Saints' holidays. Here are 5 ideas for activities to keep the kids busy during the autumn mid-term holidays:

1- Preparing for Halloween:

Witches, ghosts, bats, but also sweets, pumpkin decorations, monster costumes and spooky recipes: it's almost time to celebrate Halloween! For this event, so eagerly awaited by children, you can decorate the house, watch Halloween films, prepare special food & drinks, buy sweets, tell horror stories, or take part in a special Halloween event that you can find on our event page !

2- Making cakes:

Cooking is the star activity for children. They love mixing, tasting, getting it all over themselves, watching a cake take shape through the oven window and, above all, tasting it. Fantastic moments to share as a family.
For a gourmet holiday, introduce your child to pastry-making.   Walnut, apple, pear or pumpkin – you're spoilt for choice when it comes to using autumn produce to make cakes, tarts, muffins and other delicacies that can be enjoyed later.


3- Take a walk in the countryside:

If the weather remains fine,  as a Maltese Autumn usually is, instead of staying cooped up in the house, you can also opt for outdoor activities that will delight young and old alike. There are lots of ideas: go for walks and hikes in the countryside, or even camping while the weather is still mild. Away from screens, away from the stress of the week, make the most of weekends and holidays to enjoy as a family. Get some inspiration from our Days Out section.

4- Do some colouring:

Autumn lends itself perfectly to drawing and colouring, with its palette of warm colours and glowing hues! Dead leaves, trees, mandalas, chestnuts and pretty pumpkins – it's up to you or your children to add your own colours!

5- Enjoy museum and activities outdoor:

Rainy weather? Museums are autumn activities par excellence.  Here are our suggestions. You can also take your children to the activities we suggest on our event page!

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