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The Definitive(ly) Good Guide's five steps to ordering in!

  As always our acclaimed restaurant guide strives, during this time of semi-isolation, to put our finger on the pulse of the nation to discover what people want. To this end, we ran a survey asking the foodies living locally which has become their favourite go-to outlet for take out food. Here are some points […]

Why Cloth Nappies Are All The Rage in Malta

After using modern cloth nappies for my own baby daughter and experiencing first hand the long list of benefits they offer, I was inspired to launch The Cloth Nappy Company in July 2019, making reusable cloth nappies easily available and accessible within the Maltese market. Modern cloth nappies are: # better for your baby – Cloth […]

The Malta Kids Directory top tips for Home Schooling

When Malta announced the closure of schools, amid pressure from concerned parents, on March 13th, a collective cheer from children of school going age went up across the islands. Once the reality of distance learning hit our shores, a chasm between how independent, religious and state schools handled the challenge became increasingly apparent. Independent schools […]