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The Creative Leisure Guide for your kids !

After the birth of your child, as a parent, you may be wondering what manual or creative activity to suggest to your child. Below, we have prepared a guide to creative hobbies according to the age of your children.

1- For ages 12-18 months

For toddlers, it's important to choose stimulating activities for their developing minds.

To get started in creative activities, toddlers will enjoy multicolored magic colouring, as well as water-based paints that make drawings appear and disappear as they dry.
You can also offer modeling clay, stickers and embossed stickers suitable for little hands.

2- For 3 years old

At the age of 3, children will use creative leisure activities to exercise their senses and sensations then you'll just have to vary the activities, colours and materials.

Guide them through foam mosaic workshops, glue-on tassels and finger painting. But above all, don't forget to teach them to control their movements with velvet colouring, cutting and gluing.

3- For 5 years old

From the age of 5, your children will be exploring their imagination and creative potential, which will help them develop their powers of concentration and analysis.

Introduce them to new and original activities such as scratch cards and stencil painting. But also activities such as mosaics and stickers, molding and modeling clay and paper constructions.

4- For 7 years old

At age 7, your child is ready to move on to a higher level and perform activities requiring greater precision and attention to detail.

Introduce them to activities such as glittering, metallizing and sandblasting boards, impressively detailed scratch cards, origami and 3D construction. But don't forget 3D mosaics and colouring, paint-by-numbers and jewellery making,

5- For ages 10 and up

From the age of 10, children are looking for activities that provide even more stimulation and challenge.

Offer your children chemistry, soap-making and jewellery workshops. For the little do-it-yourselfers among them, a remote-controlled 3D construction, a terrarium or a table soccer.

Here are our suggestions. You can also take your children to the activities we suggest on our event page!

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