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The notion of child-care

Children deserve the best possible care for their well-being and development. It is imperative that safe and developmentally appropriate children's services are available to promote the holistic development of children and their families. The traditional aim of a child care centre is to provide a place for working parents to leave their children during working […]

Baby Sign Language

From the moment babies are born, they start to communicate by using sound and natural gestures.  Baby Sign Language exploits this natural ability of babies and uses sign language to encourage two-way communication between parents and babies, before the babies can talk. Baby Sign has been steadily gaining in popularity worldwide and has many benefits […]

Temper Tantrums in Kids

Temper tantrums are considered an essential part of child development which are expected to emerge during the toddler period (18months -3years). This period is a time of intense physical growth accompanied by increased activity. During this developmental stage, the child is expected to establish a distinct self that is separate from her parents. This explains […]

Free childcare to help families achieve a work/life balance

The Free Childcare for All scheme, is a budgetary measure for 2014, announced by the Ministry of Finance and implemented by the Ministry for Education and Employment.  The Scheme started  in April 2014, with more than 95 % of the registered child care centres applying to form part of it. New child care centres opening in Malta and Gozo […]

My Malta

Married to Robert and the mother of 2 wonderful children – Kristina and John, Andrea is a dedicated and inspirational mother and when not taxi-driving the kids to their various activities her passion is preparing jams and chutneys or baking and cooking using the freshest ingredients purchased directly from the farmers in her neighbourhood in […]

Baby Development

Many of us spend the majority of our lives thriving to improve our communication skills for professional and personal reasons.   As our children grow older, we will spend many hours helping them to develop good communication skills and supporting them in situations where they have misunderstood others or been misunderstood themselves.   During the vital […]

Top free places to go with the kids

as voted by Kate de Cesare, Claire Bonello and 4 kids  Yummy Mummies Kate and Claire manage to juggle work, kids and, of course, not forgetting, their husbands. As busy parents we all know that time spent with the kids is precious time not to be wasted but savoured. Kate and Claire have been gallivanting […]

Fun and exciting Ideas to keep your Kids entertained

Parents today should be aware of the potential danger their backyard swimming pool poses to young children. Statistics show that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among children under age 5. We can't imagine the traumatic circumstance of losing one's child to drowning. Due to the severity of the pool drowning problem, parents […]

23 Great Things to do with the Kids

Venture into the Great Outdoors… Trek through Malta's beautiful countryside and go on an organised walk or treasure hunt with Nature Trust Malta. Take a hands-on approach to farming and experience an idyllic day in the tranquil life of a local shepherd with your own hands-on involvement in the feeding and milking of the […]

25 Great Things to do with the Kids

The Maltese Islands are steeped in history waiting to be explored… 1. Go cave hunting and discover the earliest evidence of human settlement 144 metres down (though only the first 50 are open to visitors) at Ghar Dalam in the South of Malta where you can view the life size skeleton of a prehistoric dinosaur. […]